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Mission & Vision


    The driver’s experience and their ability to complete their tasks successfully was our priority. Innovative changes in design, new technologies, production processes and techniques and a team of young people with great ambitions have a mission to give a life to EVO which will solve problems of last metre delivery.


  The electrification of road transport will not of itself solve the problem of big road congestions. There is a need for sustainable methods which will function in the current situation in transportation and for the
forseeable future. That is where compact and electric vehicles such as EVO come in. Because of its size and battery durability it can reach and deliver whatever your company provides

Solution for your delivery needs

There is a need for new electric vehicles which are carefully designed, made to prevent the fast rise of pollution. Sustainability is a big concern of ours and a primary motive to use recyclable materials and advanced technologies which promise green transportation.
Two charging options

The vehicle can be charged within 5 hours using the integrated charger or within 45 minutes using a charging station
Know More


Up to 100 km range with one module. Possible range increase to fit customer needs and demands with an additional module (battery)Know More

Solar panel

Solar panel with a nominal power of 120 W - used as an alternative method of charging the batteryKnow More

Reduced noise pollution

EVO vehicle significantly reduces noise pollution because it uses hub motors located inside the wheelsKnow More

LI - ION battery

Two LI - ION battery modules, each containing 169 Molicel INR 21700 - P42A cellsKnow More

Premium display

Relevant driving parameters and side data displayed within a custom appKnow More


0 km/h
Max. Speed
0 kg
Max. payload
0 %
Maximum Slope
0 mm
Width less than 1m
Cargo shelf
Rubber platform
red_circleHUB motor
red_circleSolar panel
Parking brake
Aluminium step
Rear view mirror


Volume 1720 l

Large cargo space Dimensions: 1368x970x1295

Storage shelf

Organized cargo space with removable shelf

Euro Pallet

Space in which one standard euro pallet can fit

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